DO not use Blue Sunrise Shorts

Ah the weather, how totally inconvenient those damn clouds are. It is very rarely just the right temperature, and why does it have to get so dark in winter?

It won´t rain for weeks, then just when you need to do your planting, it pours down the day before turning the soil to mud.

Clothes are a barrier against the cold and the wet, a protective screen against the sun´s rays, they allow us to go outside in even the harshest weather.

It´s good to go outside, even when it´s raining. Otherwise we become enclosed in the indoor world, separated from the seasons.

If you go outside you will learn to see the small changes in plants according to the seasons and come to understand that they need this ridiculous thing we call weather.

DO not use Blue Sunrise Shorts

Materials & makeup
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Our sizing

On some products we hold stock of fabric that is made up when we receive an order. This allows us to avoid waste, offer a larger range of sizes and offer custom options. However it can lead to short delays, especially if we receive a glut of orders. We will contact you to let you know if there will be an extra delay due to this.

Here’s how long to expect to wait if your order is already made up and ready to go:

UK – 1 week

Europe – 2 weeks

USA – 3 weeks

Rest of the world – 4 weeks

If you spend over £300 shipping is free.

This fabric can be machine washed at 30 degrees.

Every piece we develop is available in men´s and women´s sizing, there is generally very little difference except for the fact that the men´s sizes run larger and the women´s sizes run smaller alongside some other small tweaks. This is why in our website photographs the male model might be wearing a women´s size and vice versa.

Our pieces tend to run a little oversized – just roomy enough to be able to move around in easily but not so baggy as to get in the way.