Willie Pants


Ragwort, also known as stinking willie, is a ubiquitous weed and wildflower across northern Eurasia. In the UK especially it has developed a bad reputation due to its toxicity to livestock.

Not only are the ragwort´s golden yellow flowers very cute but they are also very delicious to invertebrates. Ragwort flowers have been recorded as amongst the highest in nectar in the UK with at least 117 species feeding on ragwort flowers, 30 of which are completely reliant on ragwort for all of their food.

So heres to stinking willie, long may his yellow daisy flowers invade our building sites and roadsides bringing bug life wherever they go.

Willie Pants



Materials & make up
Care instructions
Our sizing

The fabric is 100% organic cotton. These trousers were made up by hand in our small studio in St Leonards-on-Sea.

The trousers feature embroidery of a ragwort seed. They have two patch pockets, one back pocket and one bellows pocket. The waistband is elasticated and has belt loops. The hem can be gathered with a cord and metal cord lock.

The male model is 189cm tall and wearing a man´s size M, the female model is 173cm tall and wearing a woman’s size M.

On some products we hold stock of fabric that is made up when we receive an order. This allows us to avoid waste, offer a larger range of sizes and offer custom options. However it can lead to short delays, especially if we receive a glut of orders. We will contact you to let you know if there will be an extra delay due to this.

Here’s how long to expect to wait if your order is already made up and ready to go:

UK – 4 days

Europe – 1 week

USA – 3 weeks

Rest of the world – 4 weeks

If you spend over £300 shipping is free.

This fabric can be machine washed at 30 degrees.

Every piece we develop is available in men´s and women´s sizing, there is generally very little difference except for the fact that the men´s sizes run larger and the women´s sizes run smaller alongside some other small tweaks. This is why in our website photographs the male model might be wearing a women´s size and vice versa.

Our pieces tend to run a little oversized – just roomy enough to be able to move around in easily but not so baggy as to get in the way.